Mike Sills of Portage, IN

Doing Business as

Inch by Inch Home Improvement

He takes a deposit for construction work (decks, garages, etc.) and does not do any of the work.


12/18/2018 Update

Today I went to the St. John Police department to file my complaint against Mike Sills.

Now waiting for the Detectives to start their work so the Lake County Prosecutor can prosecute the thief.

Hey Mike - If you are reading this...I still want my $6,250 back and will not stop until I get it.
I also notified the St. John Building department to drop you from the Approved Contractor list.
I will be sending the letter and information to the other Lake & Porter communities.

12/9/2018 Update

The Indiana Attorney Generals office turns out to not enforce much.  I got a nice letter from them that basically said that they had reached out to Mike Sills about my complaint, but that he had not responded.  Apparently you just need to ignore letters from the AG's office and you are OK.

So, I then went to the Lake County Prosecutors office.  I did get a response that indicated I should go to the police and file criminal charges against Mike Sills.  So that is my plan.  I also spoke an attorney who thought that going to police and filing charges under the Indiana Home Improvement statute was the way to go.

The complaint I have put together is HERE. I am also sending a copy of my complaint to local municipal building departments in the area to warn them.  I was surprised to see that Inch By Inch Home Improvement was actually registered with the town of St. John.  I assume that they will revoke his permit to work in town after this.

On a more positive note, I hired a wonderful local contractor who build the garage addition.  It is now complete, and I have full documentation of the new contract so Mike Sills can't claim he built the garage.

So stay tuned....I am not going to let this crook rest.   I want my money back, and I will keep hounding him until he returns it.


10/6/2018 Update

I am still waiting for the Indiana Attorney Generals office to take action on my complaint. I updated them today with the actual residence address where Mike Sills lives (and he uses as his business address apparently).   Found his truck in the driveway complete with his stupid "Inch by Inch Home Improvement" logo on the door.  No mistaking that this is where the thief lives.  I passed the address on the the IAG's office.

Monday I am going to court to get a lien on any assets the thief owns in his business name (maybe I can sell his truck to cover the $$ he stole from me).  

Hey Mike - Drove by your place today to make sure you hadn't already skipped town.  Just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten that you stole $6,250 from me, and I am have not given up getting it back.  If that means getting your thrown in jail, your assets frozen, whatever. 

Just wished I saw you out today so I had a mug shot of you to put out for the rest of the world to see...maybe the Portage police can give me one. 


8/20/2018 Update:
I have issued a complaint to the Indiana Attorneys General office this week, with exhibits including the written contract that shows we paid a deposit to Inch By Inch Home Improvement, the down payment check that was endorsed by Mike Sills and deposited into an account of his, and other  relevant information.  I expect to have a response back from the Indiana AG's office in a few weeks.  I basically requested that the AG investigate this guy, seize any assets he has to refund my deposit, and then throw Mike Sills in jail.  I think he has been arrested before, so maybe he hits the 3-strikes and out rule.

But hey Mike, return my $6,250 and I will put in a good word for you.

8/14/2018 Update:
Within 15 minutes of letting Mike Sills know that I posted this website, he called me (from the phone he never answers).
Threatened me with 3 lawyers who will sue me for character defamation.   I told him to have his lawyers call...

He claims he is not A&D Construction, which I agree is true. 
I cannot tell from the reviews on Home Advisor who the other victims made their checks out to...
But I know I made my check out to Mike's company, and that Mike endorsed the check and deposited in his account.
He has failed to do any work, fails to communicate unless I provoke him, and then only to threaten me. 

I want my $6,250 back Mike.

8/7/2018 update:
Filed a complaint with the BBB today. I know it won't do much good, but if it services as a heads up to any future victims, that is a good thing. I don't think the BBB will even be able to get Mike Sills to respond, despite me giving them his cell phone number.  Mike doesn't return calls from people who he has stole from, and I am sure when he finds out the BBB is trying to get ahold him, he will hide from them.

Mike, return my $6,250 and I will withdraw my complaint with the BBB.

My Story:

I wanted to add a 3rd car garage to my existing garage. I searched the internet for a contractor and landed on a website called Home Advisors (www.HomeAdvisor.com). After answering some basic questions about my project, I was contacted by a Home Advisor "advisor" to put me in touch with a company called A&D Construction.   A man named Allen Aldridge contacted me and he worked out an estimate for our project.  He came by our house, talked about some neighbors he knew and that his mother was a former council woman.  Made us feel at ease and when he said he needed a down payment to get us "on the schedule and to get materials", we gave him a significant down payment.   Allen said that he was working with a new builder, and that the check should be made out to Inch By Inch Home Improvement. That did not feel right, but we made the check out that way.

The check was deposited the next day and was endorsed by Mike Sills and deposited in a checking account at 1st Source Bank.

Allen assured us that they would start construction within a few weeks.  I asked to meet the builder, as I wanted to make sure we had a clear understanding of that the garage build would entail.  Mike Sills came to my house, assured me that he could handle the garage build, and would start in 2 weeks.  It is important to mention here that when I asked Mike who was in charge (Allen made it sound like he was in charge...Mike definitely told me that Allen worked for Mike.   So despite the confusion over A&D Construction or Inch By Inch, Mike Sills was in charge. He is the one who cashed the check.   No doubt about who is the bad guy here.  

Well, you can probably guess the rest of the story...despite repeated assurances that they would start the work, and repeated calls by me to try and pin down a start date, no work was started. I asked for a copy of the building permit that was required by the Town of Saint John (hoping to get some evidence that they actually planned to do some work), but Mike Sills never produced any building permit. 

Then I tried to call Allen...and guess what...his phone is no longer in service.  I am starting to get a little worried now....

 I called Mike Sills repeatedly, and he does not answer his cell phone....he knows my number and screens the calls.  I tried calling him from an unknown number (my office) and he answered...said he was planning to build my garage, but if I wanted my money back, he would return it, less the cost of the drawings and engineering work he had done.  I asked him to take a picture of the drawings, and send it to me...which he said he would do when he got home that night...but you guessed it, I never got anything from him.

Now Mike does not answer calls I make from my office either.  He thinks he is a smart one.

He had a Facebook page for Inch By Inch Home Improvement...I posted a negative review there, and guess what...I got a call within an hour...telling me he is going to sue me for character defamation or something. I said that if it wasn't true, maybe he would have a claim.  But in the meantime, have you lawyer give me a call. I would love to talk to him.  Instead, Mike pulled down his Facebook page.

Then I checked Home Advisor's website again...not good... many other complaints about victims paying large deposits, and then Allen disappears.

Here are some of the actual reviews from Home Advisor for A&D Construction...now I am really worried.

I don't know how many of these people wrote their checks to Inch By Inch (Mike Sills) and how many wrote their check to A&D Construction (Allen Aldridge).  I know in my case, the money trail goes to Mike Sills...

Click HERE to see the reviews on A&D Construction....