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Timber Edge Machine is a small, owner managed machine shop located in western Montana. We specialize in fabrication and close tolerance machining of specialized equipment, tools and parts (see "National Stock Number list"). The General Services Missouri office) for the past 21 years (11 years with Timber Edge Machine and 10 years with a previous business the owner sold in 1988). GSA regards owner. Other customers include the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force, Snap-On Tools and various "middle men" that supply to the private sector.
The Company's current products are high precision, close tolerance machined specialty tools. Timber Edge Machine specializes in the 5120 Federal Stock series of GSA, but is in no way limited to this series. See "National Stock Number list" for a listing of current National Stock Numbers we are able to provide. TEM is in no way limited to the items on our Product List. If you are able to provide drawing(s) or detailed information, we generally are able to supply these items as well. If no NSN or drawing is available, send us a sample. We can reverse engineer items (if not under any patent, etc.).
Tools range from high precision torque adapters to spanner wrenches, jacks, drip molding pliers, screwdrivers and everything in between. The company also performs work for large equipment manufacturers producing sub-assembly parts, special manufacturing for the log home industry, as well as design and prototype work for small businesses.