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Tor House Robinson Jeffer's home in Carmel Calif.

Tor House

Robinson Jeffers began construction on Tor House in 1918 and with the aid of a stone mason completed it in 1919. Jeffers named it "Tor" house after the type of ground on which the house was situated, a rocky outcrop known as a "tor". He described the land he chose as the site for the house as being like a "prow and plunging cutwater” of a ship. The Carmel area's influence in Robinson Jeffers' work becomes apparent in his poems such as his work “The Purse Seine,” a poem about the local fishing industry. He lived out the rest of his life in Tor House, while continuing to add on to it. His routine was to work on his poetry in the mornings and to work on his building projects, such as Hawk Tower and expanding Tor House, in the afternoons. ~Wikipedia ~

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