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Shandan Johnson,

Laboratory Support Technician

Shandan Li Johnson joined the MicroWorks team in 2019 as a Laboratory Support Technician. She is currently a student at Purdue University Northwest, majoring in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Biotechnology.  Her course work has included Organic Chemistry, Cellular Biology, C Programming, and Calculus. 

Shandan plays a critical role in support of laboratory operations such as stocking supplies, cleaning and disinfecting incubators and waterbaths and ensuring laboratory cleanliness.  She assists the Microbiologists with set of experiments including disinfectant efficacy studies as detailed in USP <1072>. She is currently learning to perform water testing and growth promotion testing.

Shandan’s previous work experience includes performing volunteer research at the IU School of Medicine on Xenotransplantation and 3D Biofabrication. 

Shandan enjoys playing the multiplayer battle arena games League of Legends and Mobile Legends. Through her strategies and communication with her team, she has earned the ranks Silver IV and Grandmaster IV, respectively. Shandan also enjoys CAD (Computer Aided Design) of different objects, such as headphone stand, different animals, and household objects, in which she prints on her 3D printer. 


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